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We primarily follow client requirement on actual field. for software development to enable customers to keep judging the product's usability time to time during the development and provide feedback accordingly to be incorporated in the product with least possible rework effort. To infuse quality at every phase of software life cycle, we have established a set of self defined processes to be followed. Which are :

  • Requirement gathering at actual client site.
  • Requirement tracking system
  • Actual Development.

We aim to obtain a certified standard set of software quality processes soon. With the help of the best fit technology, Platform and quality processes we ensure that all business requirements of our clients are met within budget restraints, time schedules and desired quality.

Software Development

Alfawaves has been expertise in Developed & implementing web application as well as desktop application. We are providing flexible & cost effective web applications to our clients. Our Application development includes development of open source applications. We developed an application from scratch to meet the client expectation and deliver exactly what client want. All our projects begin with thorough analysis & pre- planning, followed by the use of carefully chosen & field-proven project execution & management techniques to ensure an amazing project delivery success.

Maintenance & Support

Software application or any type of software product development is just your first step to portrait your products to customers. If you want to retain you customers then your website is frequently updated in terms of information and features wise. We completely understand the importance of website/product maintenance and specialize in offering to our clients website or application or product maintenance, support and management services.

Website Designing and Development

Alfawaves is a website designing and development company provides website designing at affordable price. We have expertise in web designing and SEO services. We have a group of professional designer that will design world class website for your company. Website Design plays an important role in achieving your result.

  • Website Designing Services Includes CMS (Content Management System)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Browser Compatibility

Hosting Solutions

If we have developed best application then Selection of hosting infrastructure is as important as designing and developing software. A poor infrastructure selection can ruin the best software ever developed. We at Alfawaves perform thorough analysis of the application before finalising a hosting solution.Infrastructure includes the hardware components like the servers and software components like the tools to manage and monitor them. A careful selection both the aspects of infrastructure gives desired results from the application.

IT and CyberSecurity Services

IT security and information assurance for business, government, and critical infrastructure.

Alfawaves recognizes the critical role IT and cybersecurity play in every aspect of our clients’ business operations. Our services assist our clients with trusted information delivery — from information flow, to access and storage, to security of operational and business systems from cyber threats.

We offers cybersecurity solutions and services that empower and protect the world’s most security-conscious enterprises. Our pedigree in information and cybersecurity spans three decades.

  • We conduct assessments for and defend the most-attacked networks in the world
  • Alfawaves professionals have conducted thousands of risk assessments worldwide
  • Alfawaves is the dominant commercial provider of risk management solutions to the government

Today, we protect enterprises with proven solutions and services for the full cybersecurity lifecycle. Our offerings include independent counsel for your information security requirements and enterprise solutions for IT risk management and continuous compliance.

Our cybersecurity consultants will work with you to: Assess and protect with services that include security engineering and management, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and security compliance Support your deployment and enforcement of the NIST Risk Management Framework and NIST Cybersecurity Framework Ensure compliance with the leading federal, defense, and industry security standards Automate and enforce processes for IT security risk management and compliance Continuously monitor and manage information security risks Streamline mapping of assets, vulnerabilities, and controls to enable continuous compliance

Alfawaves gives you constant confidence in your cybersecurity posture. So you can manage risk while achieving your goals. Protect your most vital information assets. And assure your customers that it’s safe doing business with you.

Whether that data is at rest, in use or in motion, it must be protected to ensure the resiliency of a company. Our Converged Resilience™ methodology does just that across the cyber, physical and wireless domains.

Our approach begins with our high-end professional IT services, including software engineering, IT infrastructure design, network operations and cloud computing technologies. We combine this expertise with a deep knowledge of integrated cybersecurity, communication, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems. Informed decision-making for security and resilience of assets, systems and networks

Today’s dynamic threat environment demands integrated solutions aligned closely to industry-specific operations and critical business functions. By assessing our customers’ information needs, operational systems and technologies, and future vision, our IT and security experts are able to identify potential vulnerabilities and create secure, economical solutions focused on business continuity. Virtual data management via the cloud

Alfawaves was one of the first companies to deliver a cloud infrastructure and methodology solution that met stringent U.S. Department of Defense security standards. We team with industry-leading cloud providers to deliver the full range of data storage and management services, providing our clients with improved efficiency, agility and data security. Mitigating operating control system vulnerabilities

The number of successful cyber attacks on industrial control systems (ICS) at power, energy, water treatment and other facilities has increased dramatically. The resulting damage and disruption from these attacks could have been avoided. Alfawaves combines our expertise in IT security and instrumentation and controls engineering to incorporate safety and security into new facility and retrofit designs. Delivering safe, reliable and sustainable data centers to manage and protect our customers’ data

Many of the industries that Alfawaves supports — from high tech to healthcare to financial institutions to government — require data centers for critical data storage and management. Combining our infrastructure design and construction services with our systems engineering and IT support, we deliver these highly specialized buildings that require secure 24-7 operations.

IT and CyberSecurity Services