Our Products

Alfawaves core team has several years of software development experience focused on building custom business applications to various industry verticals across global geographies. Alfawaves has been delivering integrated business software application to its customers. We have very good product which is we can call as a communication server “ NETDRUID”.

NETDRUID is unique amongst all other communication servers worldwide, what with its Linux-based paradigm. NETDRUID provides cost effective yet robust solutions that give optimum performance with easy manageability.

These products are developed considering the need for a solution with the least administrative overheads, wide area network and web support, robustness with near zero downtime and longer life in future.

Mail Server

Mail Server Secure and Encrypted mailing system. Multi Domain & Sub domain facility. Mail Filtering (by using Anti SPAM & Anti Virus ).


Firewall This protects the corporate network from external hacking, thus securing the corporate network. A firewall protects the network from unauthorized access and typically guards the LAN networks against malicious access; however, firewalls may also be configured to limit the access to harmful sites for LAN users.

Proxy Server

Proxy Server This service provides admin with the rights to restrict the proxy facility (web browsing) by user. The Admin can also restrict the sites viewed by each user. Restriction and permission on the basis of time, day, site, subject, group, and IP can be easily configured.

File Server

Organizational data can be kept at centralized location. Data security in terms of theft and lose. Individual user / group wise folder access.

FTP Server

It provides web based access for FTP. Any third party tool can be useful to download / upload the data. Simple Web FTP client integrated with Web Email Client to transfer large files.

DHCP Server

The DHCP server dispenses and manages network IP addresses. Can create multiple pool. IP Reservation.


Reports are available for all the modules in form of Presentation & Detail Reports. Reports of all sites visited by user wise, site wise, day wise, time wise, and IP wise. Reports are available in Daily, Weekly, Monthly format.

Backup / Restore

Data Backup is in Encrypted form. Instant / Scheduled Backup. Backup device can be attach. Easy administration by using Admin Panel.

For Detail Information You can Visit our product website https://zimbramailonline.com/